Dr. Federico Gheza

CEO & R&D Head 

I'm a general surgeon turned advocate of learning and innovation. Since donning my surgical gloves in 2012, I've navigated the intricate world of surgery, honing my skills in both the technical and teaching aspects of the craft. 
In 2019, I embraced the dual role of performance coach and surgical coach, revolutionizing the way technical and non-technical skills were used in my life.
Per Kristiensen is use to ask “Are you mature enough to play?” Well, I took it to the next level. I'm also certified in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method by the Association of Master Trainers and now I know how little bricks could unlock serious problem-solving magic.
From mastery learning to adult education (andragogy) and Socratic (maieutic) facilitation, including AI and VR simulation, my toolkit is as diverse as it is effective, tailor-made for companies, institutions, or solo professionals.
Now, let's talk superpowers. 
Mine? I weave gamification and playfulness into this educational tapestry, making learning not just effective but also, dare I say, fun.
As for my personal mission, think of me and the whole crew as your 'growth companions'. I'm not here to dictate your path but to illuminate it, helping you harness your unique strengths. My goal is simple yet ambitious: to guide you to a point where you won't need me anymore. Because true success, in my book, is making myself unnecessary in your journey to greatness, through learning.
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