Dr. Diego Di Salvo


My name is Diego Di Salvo, and my career has always navigated the delicate boundary between science and communication. As a palliative care physician at the Esine hospital, I've learned the importance of listening, empathy, and clarity—values that have defined every day of my practice for over three years. But it's in the fusion of my dedication to medicine and my passion for communication that I've found my true calling.

In 2012, I embarked on a pioneering project: the video documentation of surgical procedures. This initiative was not just a way to share knowledge but also a bridge towards a future where medical education and dissemination could transcend the limits of tradition. The journey from an innovative idea to a consolidated profession was not short, but in 2021, this vision took shape in my company, MED IDEAS.

MED IDEAS represents the culmination of my career: a meeting point between medicine and the art of visual communication. Through this platform, I have the opportunity to convey complex concepts clearly and effectively, making medical knowledge accessible and engaging. Technology, with its promises of progress and innovation, has been a constant companion on this journey, allowing me to explore new horizons and continuously improve the way we transmit information.

Looking to the future, I see a path that stretches even further into the field of medical and dental communication. It's a path I anticipate will be full of challenges, but also immense satisfaction, as my commitment to scientific dissemination continues to grow, and this path has a name and it is SurgeSquare!

To the readers of my story, I want to leave a message: do not hesitate to dedicate yourselves to projects that seem to border on the impossible. With the right combination of expertise, creativity, and, dare I say, a touch of madness, what seems like a dream can become reality. My journey from physician to innovator in communication is proof that barriers are there to be overcome, and that each new day brings with it the possibility of transforming the unprecedented into the ordinary.
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